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The Most Common Vietnamese Name

A Vietnamese lady who had stayed at Guest House Ioly Osaka came back to stay here again!

The young lady, who tried hard and contacted us via email in Japanese again, brought two other ladies with her this time, unlike the last two times when she came over with her boyfriend. The three ladies live in different parts of Kansai, but they say they all have the same job.

When they check in, we ask them to fill out the check-in form, but we also ask non-Japanese guests to show their ID cards. As I collected their cards so I could make photocopies, I noticed one thing: they all had the same surname! One of them was in her early 20's, another was in her late 20's, and the last one was in her 30's, but they shared the same name. So I asked if they were a family, but they answered in harmony 'We're friends!' They explained to me that theirs is the most common surname in Vietnam! Some of you readers may know what name I'm talking about!

The next morning, they fixed breakfast themselves here at the Guest House before they checked out. Just like the last time, their breakfast was instant noodles...😅

Please call again!!🍜






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