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A Ten Million Yen Rider

A man from Fukushima in his late 50's came to Guest House Ioly Osaka by motorbike spending nine hours!🏍

Another man from Ibaraki prefecture had come here to go to Tondabayashi city, Osaka, to get the car he auctioned a while ago, but this Fukushima guy also came to get his new car! This time the car shop is in Matsubara city, Osaka, and as he looked for a place to stay nearby, Guest House Ioly appeared on top. He said it was nice and handy that the Guest House was really close to the car shop.

Being a big car/motorbike fan, he auctioned a really old car, and its fuel economy isn't that good, he admits. 'So, is that like your hobby?' I asked, but to my surprise, he said 'No', and explained enthusiastically that the car is old, and it's rare and precious, so it is supposed to be worth over 10000000 yen in a few decades time! All right, apparently, the shop is near here, so I might as well go buy one myself!😀

When I told him that I had been to Fukushima before and I liked the sake from there, he told me about sake from Shirakawa, where he came from in Fukushima. Also, unfortunately, crops from Fukushima still carries a bad reputation after the Great Earthquakes and the Fukushima plants incident, and the Fukushima rice hasn't been selling. Only, since the Fukushima rice tastes good, it has been sold for business purposes; to hotels, restaurants and others where they use the rice to serve in processed forms. However, the business-oriented rice hasn't been selling well this year due to the COVID-19, and the rice farmers are at a loss...

He also told me some tales of his experiences abroad; he had visited the USA and Vietnam, both with his colleagues.

In America he sat down at a table in a restaurant with his mates not knowing his seat was reserved, and his waiter told him off for doing that.

In Vietnam, he was pickpocketed and he lost his wallet with his cash and credit card in it. He lost 40000 yen in cash, which he said was just about the salary in Vietnam! Also, as he telephoned his credit card company to cancel it, it was redirected to Florida, US, and the 30-minute-phonecall cost him 10000 yen! He lost 50000 yen in total, he told me and laughed!

He said he'd gone through the glaucoma surgery, and he can't see well after dark. He also believes it's also simply to do with ageing, and he wants to keep travelling until he retires in a few years time.

Well, keep travelling, and please call again!!🏍





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