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A student guest


A guy in his 20's came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka from Osaka City!

He's actually a student of mine taking two lessons a week: one online during the week, and the other here at the Guest House on the weekend.

After he made the booking in advance, he checked in one evening after work. It was one of the normal weekdays, not a national holiday or anything, but he came over with his laptop so he could work here at the Guest House. Under the current circumstances with the coronavirus, he mostly works from home, and he admits that he can focus better at cafes than home when studying or reading, so he decided it would be a good idea to stay here at the Guest House to work. He once told me he prefers to take my lessons face-to-face, so by coming to stay here overnight, he could do that, as well.

This is actually his second job, and his previous job was at a TV station. He told me that he got to interview some famous people like Tom Cruise and Jun Matsumoto of Arashi. When he interviewed Tom Cruise, there were some other interviewers, but not having known there would also be interpreters with them, he had prepared all his questions in English, and he was the only one to interview Cruise in English that day, which led the actor to talk longer with him than the other interviewers!!

So I taught him an English lesson after he checked in, and then I took him to a kushikatsu restaurant that I always recommend the guests go to. There, we were able to talk about stuff we don't usually talk about during the lessons, he liked the food there, and he was impressed with how nicely the staff treated us. On the way from the restaurant, the manager of a bar was standing outside it, and he recognised me and said 'Long time no see, sir!'. That must have given the guest guy that I get along well with the locals! Only, we didn't go into the bar because the guest had to work the next morning...

The next day he was supposed to have several tasks and meetings online, and had asked for another English lesson to be held in the afternoon, but he received an e-mail telling him to attend a face-to-face meeting that afternoon, so he took my lesson in the morning and left for Osaka City for the meeting.

He said he'd bring his family next time he comes to stay here!

Thanks a lot!!






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