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A Skater.

Very occasionally, we get phone calls after midnight. I've noticed after I woke up that there had been a call around three in the morning, and I've also woken up with the ring tone around three in the morning ending up ignoring it.

The phone rang sometime after five a.m. the other day. This time I wondered if I should answer it or not, and I answered it. The man on the phone says he wants to come over to stay right now, saying he'd be here in 10 to 20 minutes. I jumped up after the phone call, set up the lounge and one of the guest rooms and I was ready to meet the guy.

He arrived after 10 to 20 minutes indeed.

Apparently, his friend's car had fallen from the road to the river bank or somewhere, and he helped fix the situation, which took him all night. Coming from Kyoto, he wanted somewhere he could sleep and rest, but he had no cash on him, so he looked up places where he could use PayPay, and found Guest House Ioly Osaka!

He seems to have had lots of experiences and interests, and he came from the car park on his skateboard! He claims he raps well, as well. He's in the real estate business, and he ran a guest house in Kyoto nine years ago! Also, he and his friend opened a mapo noodle restaurant in Kyoto this June! He encouraged me to go eat there if I liked spicy food, which I sure do! I'd love to go eat there!🔥

He's also planning to get an office in Hirano Ward in Osaka pretty soon, so he said he'd come to stay with us again! He said he'd found a new hiding!

Do come back to stay!





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