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What the Vietnamese eat.

A young Vietnamese couple who stayed at Guest House Ioly Osaka during the Christmas holiday came back to stay here again! Living and working in Japan, they came to stay during the obon holiday. Like they did last time, they made their booking via the Guest House's facebook chat page again, but this time, it came with some smiley emoticons! 😆

They gave us some sachets of Vietnamese coffee! They do look kind of Vietnamese by the look of the picture and design...

These two cooked at the kitchen of the Guest House every day. They brought in some really particular stuff like fish sauce in a big plastic bottle, sweet chili sauce, garlic and lemon, which just match my image of South East Asian cuisine!

It was also a fresh surprise that they ate spicy noodles for breakfast!!

They seemed to eat a lot in quantity, but especially the lady was slim and small. I wonder if it was to do with her youth, of her diet, or is there any secret in the fish sauce!?

I, on the other hand, drink this vinegar drink whose package proudly says 'It reduces your body fat', but it never seems to happen to me... This vinegar drink is actually on our welcome drink menu, so if you wish to reduce your fat, why not come here to Guest House Ioly!👍





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