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One or two.

インターフォンが鳴り、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 のドアを開けてみると、一組の男女が立っていました。男性は大きな笑みを浮かべて、部屋は空いているかという趣旨のことを聞いているようです。何名様かと尋ねると、一人か二人と彼が答えます。一人か二人?








The doorbell rang, and I opened the door of Guest House Ioly Osaka, to find a couple of people standing there, a guy and a young lady. The guy, with a big smile on his face, asked if there was a vacancy here, so I asked how many people, and he said one or two. One or two? He looked happy to find us here, and told me that he'd come back here shortly.

He did come back after a few hours. This time he told me it was just for one person: himself. He sounded he was yet to decide if he wanted to stay for one night or two. However, we had a room available for that night, but not the following night, so he paid for one night.

He checked out the next morning, and early in the afternoon, I heard the doorbell rang, opened the door, to find him standing and smiling there again! He asked to check in again, showing me the web page of Guest House Ioly on his smartphone that said there was a room available. It was, however, the availability of the following day, so I pointed at the dates on the screen and told him that we were still full that day, and he left...

I wondered where he went. I wondered where he stayed that night. Did he stay with the young lady? Which was none of my business, of course, but to think why he had to stay here at the Guest House the first night when he had the girlfriend or someone close, and had to stay somewhere else the next night, I couldn't help but wonder.

Then yet the next day, the doorbell rang again! The same guy with the same smile was standing there, and I was happy to be able to let him in this time! I asked him how many people were checking in, and he said one. I asked him how many nights he wanted to stay, and he said one or two. This time we talked more, and he told me that he was from China and he lives in Hyogo, and the young lady is his girlfriend, who he's known since high school, and lives near here. I also found out that he came back to the Guest House from Hyogo, which must mean that he travelled between here and Hyogo twice in the last two days!

He told me he was on New Year's holiday, but his girlfriend has no holiday,and he came all the way to see her. But he had to go back after one night again; this time his boss called him and he had to get back to work the next day! See you soon, Buddy!





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