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No Flights Available to Vietnam

One day, a man came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka.

I couldn't tell that he was not Japanese just by looking at him, so when I sensed he wasn't, I instantly thought he was Chinese. As he filled out the check-in sheet, he turned out to be Vietnamese. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not had non-Japanese guests who don't live in Japan in a while; we've had Chinese guests who live here.

We make photocopies of their ID cards if they're non-Japanese living in Japan, and of their passports if they're non-Japanese who don't live here. I told him that, and asked for his passport. Then he handed me a piece of paper together with his passport. It was some sort of document, written in Japanese and English, with a photo of him attached.

He explained that he didn't have a home now and had been staying with his friends. Apparently, he could not go back to Vietnam because the flights had been out of service due to the Covid-19.

Not only did he look like Japanese, but he was also able to communicate in Japanese to some extent. He must have worked hard during his stay in the country.

After he checked out of Guest House Ioly next morning, he headed for Osaka city. I hope things worked out for him!






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