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Mothers Talk

Two groups of people came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka together! One is a mother and son from Tondabayashi, both of whom have been taking English lessons here, and the other is a mother and daughter from Sakai, one of whom is taking our lessons here.

The pair from Tondabayashi took lessons after they checked in.

The one from Sakai did not take her lesson this time, but she always takes two lessons in a row every week!✊

They came in separately, but they both went and caught up with each other at the nearby izakaya 'Mankai'. The kids were high and happy after they ate there and came back to the Guest House.

After they were high and happy, and also after they had a bath with their mothers, they went straight to sleep.💤

Then the mothers, together with another lady who was staying at the Guest House, started to chat over the welcome drink.🍷

Their topics varied from COVID-19 to politics, from English studies to how one of them persuaded her husband when she set up her own business a few years ago, and how the other lady found herself in Hiroshima when she was just driving on the motorway from Osaka for no reason...

They seemed like they could go on for ever, but they/we called it a day around two or three in the morning.

The next morning, the mothers got up a little after their kids. Soon they checked out to head for a café near here called 'Coffee House 101' that's known for its gigantic breakfast. ☕

Please call again!!👍






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