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The 6th of July.

I feel sorry for those who are suffering due to the floods over in Kyushu. I love Kyushu, which is blessed with the natural offerings like mountains, hot springs, good food and booze, but at the same it is vulnerable to the natural disasters. It's only been a few years since the Kumamoto earthquakes and the landslides in the northern Kyushu, as well.

The 6th of July two years ago was the day when the devastating rain hit the Chugoku area such as Hiroshima and Yamaguchi. I was living in Hiroshima back then, and I was alright, but one of the main roads near my house was damaged, and the roads and railways to my workplace were also damaged and inaccessible.

I then participated in the local volunteer activities to get rid of the mud in the devastated areas. Some of the people I worked with came all the from Kyushu and Kanto. I wasn't hosting them, I was also participating myself, but I just had to say thank you to those people.

On the other hand, the 6th of July last year was a memorable day: the Mozu Furuichi Kofun Group was registered to be the World Heritage sites!Guest House Ioly Osaka stands right between the Mozu and Furuichi areas, and a few guests came to stay at the Guest House to visit the Kofun, but some other guests didn't know that they became the World Heritage sites, and some didn't even realise there were kofun here at all!!

Now is the time not to be in the crowded places, but to be in quiet, historical ones, so come see the kofun here!〇◁





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