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Earth Science Teacher

A man in his 20's came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka from Wakayama!

Currently being between jobs, he came to stay here in order to take an exam to be a high school teacher. The exam was to take place in a high school near here, but he could be sent to any high school in Osaka prefecture once he passes the exam.

Though he was a young man, he was nice, friendly, and talkative and we felt comfortable with each other right after his check-in. He told me he worked at a primary school in Wakayama until this March, but he decided to pursue his dream of being in the field of earth science which he is fond of, and to switch to become a high school teacher where he could specialise in the subject.

When he started his career as a teacher at the primary school, he was sent to a school full of problematic students and broken windows! Apparently, he had a very hard time working there for two years before he left this March with no proper goodbye or ceremonies due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but many of his students wrote him a letter when he was leaving the school.

Now he's switching to high school, and the question was why he's moving from Wakayama to Osaka, and he told me of this interesting fact that I never knew; some schools teach earth science, and some don't! The one I went to taught it, if I remember correctly, so I was really surprised to know that some schools don't teach it! He also added that schools that teach it are 'good' schools, meaning they are high class with almost no bad students. So, if he passes the exam and gets to become a high school teacher like he hopes to, he will be sent to one of the 'good' schools somewhere in Osaka!

As he was checking out of the Guest House, he was really confident that he would pass the exam. I wonder what's become of him. I hope he passed!





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