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Diamond Trail Running

A man from Okinawa came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

Working at an awamori brewery in Okinawa, he came over to participate in a trail running event called Diamond Trail Run, where the participants run through the mountain range between Nara, Osaka and Wakayama. The 9th event was held on the 7th of November this year. They were to meet at a park in Taimadera, Nara, which is accessible from Taimadera station, Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line, so he stayed at Guest House Ioly, which stands near the same train line. The park was also where the race was to start.

He told me that he had previously been losing weight by eating less, but as he started to think he shouldn't only eat little, but he should also exercise, his friend invited him to join the trail running with him. Then he got into it after he was 50 years old.

The guest, by the way, had a very unique surname. It was a combination of the letters 宗 and 良 and the way it's pronounced was also very unique. He said he was originally from Nara, but his surname can only be found in Nagasaki, and only five families in Nagasaki share the same name! Also, it goes back to Korea if you look at the history of it!

He checked out the next morning some time after five a.m. to go to the park in Taimadera taking the first train in the morning. He said he'd go see his parents in Nara, as well!!






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