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A couple of men stayed at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

They came with a last minute reservation, and when I opened the door there was a very unique man with a beard over 10cm long with his companion! They had travelled all the way from the Kanto region to deliver a bespoke bike, which was to be delivered by the one without a beard. It was around 7pm when they checked in. When we talked to them, they told us that the person who ordered the bike said that he would like to have have it delivered at 11pm, so the guest was going to leave the guesthouse at 10.30am to deliver the bike and then come back to the Guest House and go to bed.

So he had a cup of tea for our welcome drink, took a bath and took a nap in his room.

On the other hand, Mr. Goatee, coming here just to accompany him, was actually the "companion". The other guy was going to deliver the motorbike alone, so there was no need for Mr. Goatee to go out after check-in, and he chose to have a sake for his welcome drink.

After his mate went up to his room, he continued to drink the canned chuhai he brought with him in the Ioly lounge, while he told me many stories.

He told me that he is a photographer of motorbikes! This job takes him all over Japan, and he rides a bike himself!

I also found out that he is a drummer in a band! He's even played in Taiwan once!

When I asked him what genre he played, he was a bit reluctant and said "anime songs". I don't know why he was so reluctant, but afterwards he told me that "ani-song songs can be intense or ballads or all sorts of things", so maybe he didn't feel comfortable or didn't want to be pigeonholed into a "genre".

Also, when I said, "I like the Beatles," he said "Aren't they old?

When I said I liked Ringo Starr's drumming, he replied, "No one who plays the drums likes Ringo Starr!.... 😅

When I asked him who his favourite drummer was, he said "John Bonham", despite the fact that I thought it was going to be some anime song drummer I didn't know. ☕ The name "John Bonham" came from someone who says the Beatles are "old". ☺ But he didn't mention any old celebrity drummer just to suit my old taste; he even said, "There is no drummer better than John Bonham! Here's Led Zeppelin; they've even influenced the drummer of an anime band!

He emptied his cans of chuhai one after another at quite a pace, and the music discussion was getting more and more passionate, but at exactly 10:30, he went to wake up his partner in the room upstairs. It seems he wasn't just drinking, he was up on a mission to wake up his partner! 👏.

Right after that, Mr. Goatee went to bed.

His partner went to make a delivery and came back a little later to rest.

As they were checking out the next day, his partner said, "Wasn't he (Mr. Goatee) noisy yesterday? with a grin 😀.

Come again! 🏍





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