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An investor, Aikido instructor, translator, and drummer.

An on-the-day reservation was made to Guest House Ioly Osaka one day.

A guy checked in a few hours later.

He was from Ibaraki, and he appeared quite frank and easy-going. As he filled out the check-in form, we learned that his occupation was an investor.

He came all the way to Osaka in order to buy the car he had auctioned online! How unique! The car is in Tondabayashi City, south of Guest House Ioly, and he spent the day sightseeing in Osaka City, north of us, and he came to stay here before he travels to Tondabayashi the next day.

He didn't just come here to sleep, however, but he got up early in the morning and rented our bike to visit the nearby kofun and cafes before he checked out!

I told him about two cafes near the Guest House, both of which offer breakfast, and our guests in the past have visited them. One is in the south of us, closer to the kofun, and it's cosy and fancy. The other is in the west of us, famous for its gigantic breakfast!

He went out at six in the morning and came back at nine in the morning.

He told me he had visited the kofun and both of the cafes I mentioned!! Yes, he ate twice!

Also, he was surprised at so many kofun and reservoirs around here, and he actually asked about it at the cafes he visited.

He told me a lot of stories after he came back from cycling.

He told me that he had stayed in Niger, Africa, for two years before, joining Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. In order to join it, you basically need to have some skills to provide the local people with when sent overseas, and his was aikido! He knew aikido, so he was sent to Niger to teach it! He was astonished to see some people there practising aikido in the hot country in the middle of Africa.

He picked up some French while he was in Niger, and he's taking a French certificate exam one of these days. He previously had a job translating and interpreting English as well, specialised in IT and economy, but when it comes to communicating, he admitted that 'I can't have daily conversation in English because I've never lived in an English speaking country'. Also, he revealed he loved etymology, and when he reads English sentences, he can't help thinking of the origin of each word, and ends up thinking of French or German!

Furthermore, he plays drums! He plays the regular drum set as well as the African drum of djembe. His favourite drummer is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Having played in a band playing Van Halen's songs, he was deeply shocked by the death of Eddy Van Halen.

He was wondering what route to take to get back home; whether he should visit Nara or to go through Iga, Mie, the home to the ninja.

As he was checking out, he told me that he wanted to stay at Guest House Ioly whenever he comes back to Osaka! Thanks!

Bring your djembe next time!! 🥁





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