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An English Test Versus Covid-19 Testing

One of the kids taking Guest House Ioly Osaka English lessons is a girl in junior high school.

Using two different textbooks online, she practises both conversational English and English as a subject in school. She and I work on her school English in the online lessons to prepare for her term tests when the test period comes up.

We started working on her end-of-the-term test pretty early, so we were quite well-prepared, and her understanding of basic English grammar was much better than last time, which was when we worked on her mid-term test a few months ago. Students usually do their homework and where possible, they check their answers, that's all. In my lessons, however, they do their written portion before the lesson including the answer check, and in the lessons I have them say each sentence aloud, without looking at their notebook. They can look at their workbook or textbook, but since they've written their answers in their notebook, their workbook or textbook remain blank, and they have to make sentences on the spot in the lesson! She, the junior high school girl, did that really really well!! The last lesson before her term test ended well and I was convinced that she would get a great score.

However, her mother sent me an email the other day and told me what had happened to her daughter.

The girl was coughing terribly, so the mother took her to the doctor to get some medicine to stop the cough, but then the doctor strongly advised her to undergo the Covid-19 testing, which she had no other choice but to do it. Turned out it meant that she was not allowed to go to school until she gets the results, and the English test took place while she was absent from school...

Two days later, she got the results, which were negative, which was of course a good thing, but then when she asked to take the tests she had missed on another day, her school turned it down for the reason that they needed to be 'fair'...

The mother sounded really disappointed.

I told her that her daughter 'scored' full marks in my last lesson.😢






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