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A wood worker who can't go home.

One night, a young lady checked in by herself. She came over from Osaka City, with little luggage, on a weekday. As she was filling out the form, she told me what had happened; she left work with her house keys in her workplace, and she locked herself out of both work and home! She found Guest House Ioly Osaka after she looked online for a place to stay over night.

Her job is to make tables and chairs with wood. She revealed that she'd only just started the job, so she's been learning new things every day.

'Isn't everyone else at work men?' I asked, and she said yes, but everyone's really nice to her. Many of the men there are in their 30's and 40's with little kids, and they praise her nicely whenever she does something well or she learns something new, which she believes is just like the way they treat their own kids!☺

Also, in her previous job, she made friends with some Thai people, and they taught her some Thai phrases like 'I'm tired!' 'I'm hungry!' and 'I want to go home!', which they shared as secret codes in their boss's presence. ☺

Other than that, she also told me how she liked the scenery of the sky on her way to work, her hometown is Minami-Kawachi, and her grandparents live in Shikoku, and many more.

'Come back to stay here again when you lock yourself out again!' I told her, but of course, come over here no matter what!☺





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