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A Rainy Day Man #12&35

I got an on-the-day booking one rainy evening through a booking website, so I called the guy who made the booking to ask what time he was checking in. It depends on the booking websites, but some show the guests' arrival time and some don't.

The guy said he'd be here in about half an hour, so I quickly made a guest room ready for him.

He called after a while and said he'd be here later than planned, and would be here before nine in the evening.

It was some time after nine that he actually got here. As I opened the door, a young man in his raincoat was standing, drenched with rain.

'Are you here by bicycle?' I asked.

'By motorbike.' he replied.

So, he rode his motorbike in the rain and got wet. I see...

However, as I led him into the lounge and listened to his story while he was filling out the check-in sheet, apparently he was on his way from Kyoto back to his hometown in Hyogo when he slipped in the rain and his bike broke down. He had a mechanic look at it, who said the engine was out of order, so it wouldn't be fixed right then. Then he looked for a place to stay, and he found Guest House Ioly Osaka, to which he pushed his bike for 3 kilometres.

The mystery is, why he was travelling near here although he was heading for Hyogo from Kyoto. Kyoto is in the north of Osaka and Hyogo is in the west of it, while the Guest House is in the south of Osaka. Even when I asked him where the accident happened, he only said 'Somewhere near here.'

In any case, it was good that the Guest House served as a refuge for an unlucky man.





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