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A night job...

A man from Kyoto came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka! He checked in in the evening telling me that he comes to this area a lot on business and he was happy to find us here, which was within a walking distance from where he visit for work.

His job here was to do investigation on some sounds, and it had to be done in the quiet of the night, after the train service stopped. That was the reason why he stayed at the Guest House.

While another guest and I were chatting in the lounge, he 'went out to work' after midnight.

He had told me that he'd be back after two, so I wrote a message on a little whiteboard and placed it on the table together with the welcome drink sake for him.

As I got down to the lounge next morning, I saw a reply on the whiteboard that said ' Thank you, it was good!' 🍶

Not only did he come back late, but he also had to leave early! He checked out at six in the morning! He must be tired!!





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