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White Trousers Remain White

The rainy season is over! It's violently hot and sunny! We had a really long rainy season this year! My heart is with those who suffered from the rain disasters this past season...

At Guest House Ioly Osaka, we normally leave the windows of the upstairs guest rooms open, except the ones with the guests in them. When it rains, the rain doesn't usually get in to the rooms because of the eaves.

One rainy day this July, however, it must have rained really heavily and it must been slanting; the rain came in to one of the guest rooms! Having just renewed the tatami mats last year, it would be trouble if the mats soaked the rain! However, to my surprise, the futon had been laid by the window and it rained only on the futon, leaving the tatami mats all dry!! We usually fold the futon in the morning, but this time this particular futon was left out, which saved the tatami!!

This happening reminded me of another extremely personal experience that I had years ago.

I was having sashimi for dinner with someone at an izakaya.

I was wearing a white trousers that time.

I picked up a piece of sashimi with chopsticks, and I moved the chopsticks towards me to direct them to the little plate full of soy sauce when the fish slipped out of the chopsticks and fell right on to the sea of the soy sauce!

Then the soy sauce splashed and jumped onto my white trousers...

However, I was lucky enough to be idle and idle enough to have my fly left open, and the soy sauce happened to land on the INSIDE of the fly!!👍

So, the white trousers remained white on the surface.





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