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Talking about wood.

A man from Nagato city, Yamaguchi came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

Coming from the town in the north of Yamaguchi, close to the Japan Sea, he is deeply interested in forestry, and he came over here to attend a two-day training session at a place called Nakajima Woodturning Studio near the Guest House.

Located on a busy main road, I've driven or cycled past the studio many times before, but I'd never known what the studio was. Looking at their website, they look really professional!

I'm no familiar with forestry or making things out of wood at all, but when I bought a guitar before, the staff member at the guitar shop, presumably the manager there, energetically taught me that 'by the look of the grain patterns of the body, the guitar will look different, and what part of the trunk of the tree it uses is also different, so no guitar is the same as another even if you make them the same way.' Mmm, that makes sense!

When I told the story to the guest, he had something else to tell me; he told me there's a little guitar workshop in a town called Ube in Yamaguchi! Although it's small, it's apparently good, and quite a few famous professional musicians order their guitars there!

Also, in another seaside town near Nagato, where the guest lives, there's a shop that makes surfboards, he told me! There's also a beach famous for the waves that attract surfers there!

I'd really love to visit the guitar workshop, surf shop and the beach one day!!🎸🌊🏄






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