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Stay and learn!

A mother and son came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka from Tondabayashi!

Tondabayashi, located just south of Habikino, where Guest House Ioly is, is famous for its traditional district called 'Jinaimachi', meaning the temple district.

It doesn't take too long to get to the Guest House from there by car or train, but they came to stay here overnight in order to take English lessons!!

The son is five years old and he is really energetic! He goes to the international preschool in Habikino, so he can listen to and speak basic English.

His mother did not only drive him here, but she also took a lesson herself!

After check-in, they each took a lesson, and then they went to the nearby kushikatsu restaurant called 'Mankai', which I always recommend when asked where our guests should go eat. They went there despite the fact that they had initially planned to go to a sushi restaurant!

When the two came back from Mankai, the boy, who had been distant from me, became friendly for some reason, and the mother was also content with the restaurant and said it was nice and delicious.

After that, they and I played cards together.

They've decided to take our lessons every two weeks from now. Their goal is to go to Australia together!!!🐨 Go for it!!

The boy playing WITH the Guest House's guitar! He was just as tall as the guitar.☺





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