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From Hokkaido to Kansai, from the Internet to farming.

A man from Hokkaido came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

The man stayed here at the Guest House Ioly before, when he had a meeting to attend in Sakai City, Osaka. During his stay here, he told me how the covid-19 affected his work and his roommates at his shared house supported him mentally. On the other hand, he taught me some interesting facts about transmission speed since he was in the Internet field.

Back here for the second time, he literally said 'I'm happy to be back here again!' to me with a smile when he arrived. At the first look, I noticed his hair colour had changed; the last time he was here, he had a dyed blond hair, but now it was black!

'Are you here for work again?' I asked, but his answer was 'Actually, I quit my job.'

What was more, apparently, he had decided to move to the Kansai area, and he came over to look at the property! He was ctually telling me the last time he was here how he liked the atmosphere of Kansai. He's moving to Nara prefecture, but he recalled us Guest House Ioly on the spot, and came to stay here again!

Moreover, when I asked him what kind of job he was thinking of getting, he said he wanted to be in the agriculture field. That's a quite different from the Internet business! He confessed, however, that farming was the very thing he'd always wanted to do. I myself worked on farms in Australia before, so we had a good time talking about farming.

I told him good luck as he was checking out, and he said we would meet again.👍

I just couldn't tell why he had changed his hair colour.





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