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Cycle to Support Tohoku!


A man from Tokushima came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka by bike!

While he was filling out the check-in form, I asked him if he came all the way from Tokushima, Shikoku, by bike, but he said 'No, I actually came from Tondabayashi today.' Tondabayashi is a city south of Habikino, while Guest House Ioly is in the northwest of Habikino.

A man from Tokushima came to us from Tondabayashi!?

He told me he is originally from Tokushima, and he lives there now, but he used to live in Osaka before. He has participated in the cycling event held in the region every year since the Great East Japan Earthquake. This year, it was held at the river bank in Tondabayashi, and he came to stay overnight here at the Guest House after the event.

Apparently, anyone can join the event, young or old, male or female, and some ride on their regular bike, while others use their hardcore specialised ones! They charge you to join it, but the fee will be sent to the Tohoku region as donation after the expenses are deducted. You can support them while you are here in the Kansai region!!

The fact that the man came over to the Guest House had nothing to do with the event, however, riding his bike for over 12 kilometres. When asked about it, he said the journey was not a big deal since he rides his bike long distance all the time!

Although Tondabayashi is most famous for its traditional district called Jinai-machi, where you can find yourself in an Edo-period streets and buildings, he did not know of it as he was in and around the cycling course only. The next morning, he said he'd pay a visit to the district as he was checking out.

I hope he liked Jinai-Machi, and hope he comes back to the Guest House next year!!🚵





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