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Blowfish Workmen🐡

A couple of men from the Kanto area came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

They're both managers of restaurants that are specialised in blowfish dishes. The nationwide restaurants have their head offices in Osaka and Tokyo, but the very first one even before they became a chain restaurant opened in Fujiidera, near Guest House Ioly! Apparently, there still is a blowfish eatery of the same chain in Fujiidera.

Although they're managers at their restaurants, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they're much busier sending packed blowfish to homes than running the restaurants, so they came to the factory in Matsubara, near the Guest House, to help them out. They said it was like 'being in a fridge all day long' dealing with raw blowfish, and they had to go to the workwear shop called 'Workman' to get warm clothes on the third day!

The couple drank at the Ioly lounge a few times during their week-long stay here, and they chatted with me. One of them is originally from Okinawa, and now lives in Asakusa, Tokyo! The other guy is originally from Saitama, and now lives in Chiba. Right after they checked out, their boss, also from Kanto, came to stay for another week.

The guy from Chiba knew a lot about beer and Japanese sake, and he and I compared sake that I served as Ioly's welcome drink and one from Niigata that he brought with him by drinking them!🍶 He also had a day off during his stay, when he went to Minoh City, Osaka, to visit its brewery! He drank some beer there, brought back a six-pack, and gave me a bottle!!🍺 It tasted great, and the design was cool, so I myself paid a visit to the brewery a few days later!

The beer I drank at the brewery tasted even better, coming straight from the tap!

I only took this photo of the building, so I might as well go back there to take photos of the beer!!😆

The third guest, the boss, also gave me a can of highball! Thanks a lot!!





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