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A guy from the beach resort town of Chigasaki, Kanagawa came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka! As he checked in early in the afternoon, he came in with a box of stick or something together with his travel luggage. As we chatted a bit, he explained that he plays billiards, he even teaches it, and watches how other players play it on YouTube. One day he found a player on YouTube who seemed to have the same idea about the cue sports, and he contacted him, and decided to meet him.

The man he came to meet runs a billiards hall in Osaka, that's why he came over to stay at Guest House Ioly. I checked the routes on Google and showed them to him and tried to tell him that taking the trains would be the best way, though it may look like it's a longer route going to the central Osaka first before changing trains there to go to Kami, where the hall is. However, he chose to rent the bicycle and go straight up north! Indeed, Kami IS right up north from where the Guest House Ioly is located, on the map, that is.

His initial idea was to go to the billiards hall in the afternoon, come back to this area in the evening, and have dinner somewhere near the Guest House, so I looked at Google map with him and recommended some places to eat nearby.

He, however, phoned us in the evening and told me that he'd be late, later than he'd thought. He said he'd be back by twelve midnight.

He did come back right before twelve, exhausted. I offered him a glass of sake which he had chosen not to drink when he checked in because he was going to go out. He drank it this time and he liked it. Then we chatted for a while, and had a good time.

Next morning he came down to the lounge with all his belongings, wearing a nice and cool Hawaiian shirt. He must have got relived because he talked much more than he did the previous night. He told me that he has been doing the Shikoku Pilgrimage and really took to it. He likes it so much that he wants to open a guest house in Shikoku in the near future!

He also loves visiting dams! Yes, dams! He has visited lots of dams all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Ishigaki island! I didn't even know that dams existed on Ishigaki island, but he told me there are three of them on the island, and he went to all the three. But he confesses that he's afraid of heights, so he can't go to the top of dams he visits.

As he was checking out, we promised to see each other again, and he said he found another 'regular' guest house! Thanks, mate! See you again soon!!





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