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表札 Hyosatu the Name Plates


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 は大阪府羽曳野市恵我之荘という町にあり、羽曳野市を含むこの地域全体を南河内と呼びます。地図で見ると、大阪市の南、大和川の南側に松原市、羽曳野市、藤井寺市と並んでいますが、この辺りは歴史的に古く、昔ながらの街並みが残っています。そのためか、狭い道が多いという難点もありますが、時代劇のセットのような家並みも、今もお住まいの民家として見受けることがよくあります。


歴史的に古く、昔ながらの町だからこその現象なのでしょうね。みなさんもゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 のレンタサイクルで散策してみられてはいかがでしょうか。🚴

Guest House Ioly Osaka is in a town called Eganosho, Habikino, Osaka, and the whole region that includes Habikino City is called Minami-Kawachi, meaning South Kawachi. On the map, there are Matsubara City, Habikino City and Fujiidera City lining from the left to the right, in the south of the Yamato River, which is in the south of Osaka City. This area is old and historical, and although it comes with the downside of some streets being extremely narrow, it has loads of old houses that could be used for a samurai movie set, and people still live in those houses!

Cycling around those neighbourhoods, you can't help but notice one thing other than the buildings themselves: Hyosatsu, or a name plate that says the family name of the family who live in the house. I don't intend to check out the people's names, but the names on the plates just come in to my eyes. And to my surprise, I've seen lots of the same surnames in the same streets!! I've seen this in several different streets in Habikino, Matsubara and Fujiidera! Also, on one of the main streets of the area called Oka, Fujiidera, the surname you see most often is 'Okada'!

This must have something to do with the history of this historical area.

Why don't you come and go cycling with the Guest House Ioly's bicycle?🚴






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