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軽減税率⁉ VAT⁉


今月、消費税が10%に上がり、同時に軽減税率が導入されたわけですが、先日おもしろいことがありました。某有名中華料理店に入るとすぐにレジがあったので先に注文と支払いをするのかと思い、チャーハンと餃子を注文し、お金を払い、席に着きました。すると間もなく、ウェイターがやってきて注文を取ろうとするのです。「もう注文しました。」と告げると、「では、こちらでお召し上がりですね。」と にこやかにウェイター。どうやら店に入ってすぐに注文と支払いをするのはお持ち帰りの場合のようでした。




これはおかしなことです。そもそもこのたびの軽減税率というのが導入される目的は、「低所得者層の負担緩和」 らしいのに、結局、お持ち帰りに必要な容器や袋が10%ではそちらの方が高くついてしまっています。まあ、安いお店ならではの現象かもしれませんが。しかし、低所得者層こそ安いお店に行くだろうに。え、私ですか?私は、ご覧の通り、この店には初めて行きました(笑)。

Japan's consumption tax went up to 10% this month with a new VAT system of keeping it down to 8% with takeaway food and drinks. Here's what happened the other day. I went to a famous Chinese restaurant and found a till right inside the entrance, so I thought I had to order food and pay before I sit down at the counter, which I did. Soon after I sat down, a waiter came to me and asked to take my order, so I told him I already had, then he smiled and said 'Alright, so you're eating in?' That was when I realised that you pay first only when you order for takeaway.

The fried rice and gyoza were delivered to me in no time, and as I was eating, I glanced at the receipt and I noticed something: it said the fried rice and gyoza were taxed 8% , which was supposed to be for takeaway. Now, my misunderstanding brought about a difference between the receipt and the reality. I was thinking to myself that I should go back to the till, explain the situation, and pay the remaining 2% when I finish eating.

While I was thinking that, eating, and going over the receipt, I noticed something more: underneath the fried rice and gyoza was the writing of 'containers' and they were taxed 10%. I was eating in, however, so I wasn't using the containers. Now it looks like there are two things to mention when I go back to the till.

I went to the till after I finished eating, and showed the receipt and explained the situation. Then it took two waiters and two calculators to figure it out. Then, to my surprise, they gave me some change! That must mean the price of the containers exceeded that of the remaining 2% of the fried rice and gyoza. In any case, one thing is crystal clear: takeaway is more expensive than eating in.

Now this is weird. This VAT system was launched to 'aid people with lower income', but the containers and bags that are needed for takeaway cost more because they're taxed 10%. Well, I assume it only happens with cheap restaurants, though, but then again I believe people with lower income go to those places. What, who me? Well, as you can see, I went to this restaurant for the first time!



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