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都城からのご家族。A family from Miyakonojo.

宮崎県都城市から素敵なご家族がゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に来られました! 2月3月と新型コロナウイルスの影響で宿泊予約のキャンセルが続く中、この家族の予約はキャンセルにならず、それどころか前日にご連絡があり、「大人が一人増える」とのことでした。また、同じく前日のご連絡で、それまではそれまでは公共交通機関でお越しになる予定だったのをお車で来られることに変更した、とのことでした。







A nice family came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka from Miyakonojo, Miyazaki!

While we had lots of cancellations during the months of February and March due to the coronavirus, this family never made a cancellation, and on the contrary, they contacted us on the day before their arrival to tell us there would be one more adult coming over. They added that they'd be coming by car instead of the public transportation which they had initially intended to use.

All the way from Miyazaki to Osaka by car; they later told me that they chose to do so in order to avoid the possible risk of the coronavirus infection.

They turned out to be a very nice and friendly family of four. The older sister is enrolled to a university in Osaka, so they came over to help her move.

It was nice and amusing to hear their Kyushu accent, and the husband drank shochu from Kirishima at Ioly's lounge, which he brought in himself.

Also, the younger sister was really polite and I couldn't believe she was a primary school kid. She also took to the British style tea with milk a lot which the Ioly staff gave her under his own recommendation.

They say they also have brothers, and they told me that the brothers should be coming to see their older sister here in Osaka in the near future, so when that happens, the father said they should stay here at Ioly! On top of that, despite the fact that this was their first time staying with us, they got us souvenirs from Miyazaki! How nice! Please call again, you the whole family!





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