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西国三十三所! Saikoku Pilgrimage!

岡山からゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に来られた60代男性、ロードバイクで来られました!!和歌山まで車で来られ、そこから自転車で西国三十三所を巡っているとのことです!なんでもこの方、今までお仕事の合い間を縫って、四国八十八カ所を順打ち・逆打ちと二周され、その後中国三十三所も回られ、すると次には西国三十三所が自ずと目標となったといいます!一日100キロ以上は走っておられるというだけあって、とても引き締まったスリムな体をしておいででした。僕も一日100キロ自転車で走ったら痩せられるかな~?


ゲストハウス庵をチェックアウトされた日も、西国三十三所のお寺と付近の神社を五カ所 回ると言って出て行かれました!お気を付けて!!

A mature gentleman from Okayama rode his road bike to Guest House Ioly Osaka! After he arrived in Wakayama by car, he started his journey of Saikoku Pilgrimage by bike! He said he did Shikoku Pilgrimage twice before, clockwise and anti-clockwise, and then he went on to do Chugoku Pilgrimage. When he completed the Chugoku one, he decided that he had to do the next one: Saikoku! He said he rides his bike for over 100 km a day, and naturally enough, he looked really slim and fit! Will I get slim if I ride my bike for 100 km, as well??

He also told us a tale about how it took him seven trials to get to see the Daruma Sun, or Omega Sun in Shikoku.

After he checked out of Guest House Ioly Osaka, he said he'd go to visit five places including some of the thirty three temples and shrines near them, all in one day. Good for you! Take care!!



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