翻訳 Translation

最終更新: 2020年3月28日

ちょうど二週間ぶりのブログ記事の投稿になります。この間、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 では宿泊ゲストがいなかったわけでもなく、英会話レッスンの生徒さんが来なかったわけでもありません。それらに加えて、とある日本語から英語への翻訳の依頼を受けて、ゲストさんの迎え入れと英会話レッスン以外の時間は朝から晩まで翻訳作業に追われていました~!数多く、そしてそれぞれの文章量も多く、中には一文一文が長いものもあり、文の構造を考えて、自然な英文になるように、それでいて元の日本語のニュアンスを崩さないように、取り組む毎日でした。ずっと座りっぱなしでずっとパソコンに向かっていて、肩は凝るし目は疲れるし頭はボーっとするし。でも同時に、翻訳した内容が神奈川県横浜のことで、大阪府羽曳野にいながらにして横浜のことをたくさん学べました(笑)!具体的な内容については、3月30日に公表されるとのことなので、当ブログでもより詳しくお伝えします!!👍

This is my first blog posting in exactly two weeks! It wasn't that Guest House Ioly Osaka had no guests, nor did it have no students taking English lessons during this period. In addition to these, I had a translation job. Other than the time I spent welcoming the guests and teaching lessons, I was busy translating from morning till night every day. I had a lot of documents to translate, and they were long, and some of the Japanese sentences were extremely long, so I had to think about the sentence structure really carefully to translate them into natural English, yet trying not to lose the original Japanese nuances. I was sitting and working on my computer all day every day, my shoulders got stiff, my eyes grew dim, and my head was about to space out. The contents were, however, about certain things in Yokohama, Kanagawa, and as I translated the documents, I became knowledgeable about the city without being there! The actual contents will be released to public on March 30th, so I'll mention it with more details here on my blog, as well!