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結婚指輪の値段 The Price of Wedding Rings




聞いてきたのはゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 のラウンジで庵スタッフと談話していたゲストさん。すでに何回か宿泊されている、兵庫県在住の中国人男性です。毎回、ゲストハウス庵には、羽曳野市在住のお友達に会いに来ている彼、本気で将来を考えているようです。




'How much do wedding rings cost in Japan?'

asked suddenly.

It was asked by a guest at Guest House Ioly Osaka during his chat with me. He was a regular guest, originally from China, currently living in Hyogo, and he's stayed here at the Guest House quite a few times. He always comes over to meet his Chinese girlfriend who lives near here, and I could see from his above question that he is serious about the relationship.

I showed him a webpage on the prices of wedding rings, but they must have appeared to be expensive; he said 'I thought they would come cheaper in Japan.'

He said he's thinking of living in China with his future wife, so I asked him what his work life in China was like. Then he picked up the whiteboard and pen to show me the gap of salary between Japan and China, which is 150000 yen in Japan and 10000 yen or 5000 yen in China.

This ratio might be his own idea based on his experiences; it must be different from city to city, or city to village, and from job to job, but I am convinced that not everyone in China is like the tourists you see here in Japan who do the bulk shopping.

He also mentioned that things are generally cheaper in China, so I said to him 'So are the wedding rings.'. He laughed about my remark.



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