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福岡のサーファーが宿泊されました!A surfer from Fukuoka came to stay!

ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に、電話で当日予約のお問い合わせがあり、お一人様ご一泊、夜遅くなるとのことでした。当館は基本的には夜10時までにチェックインとしておりますが、この方のように事前にご連絡いただければ10時以降のチェックインも承っております。ただ、このお方、12時を過ぎそうだとおっしゃいました。これは長い一日になりそうです。








I got a phone call to Guest House Ioly Osaka regarding the night's stay and it was just for himself, and he added that he'd be coming in late. We're basically open for check-in till 10 pm, but like this man's case, we accept late check-in under prior request.

He said, however, that he'd be arriving after 12. Well, it sounds like it's going to be a long day.

He rang us again in the evening, and now he told us that he'd be here after one. He said he'd get here around one thirty. I told myself that it was a good thing that I hadn't worked out that day, and stayed up, when he called again after midnight saying he got here. His plans must have changed again and again.

I let him in, and the guy had wavy hair and big round eyes, and he looked straight into my eyes with his. He started to talk quite frankly as he started to fill out the check-in form, and he was amused with our welcome drink, and we had some nice conversation. He was in the area on a business trip to Fujiidera, and it was just about ten minutes' drive from there to here, so he found it more convenient than going back to hotels in Osaka City where he usually stays when he visits Osaka. He's based in Kyushu, where his company's Kyushu branch is located, and he often travels to Osaka and other regions on business. I've been to Kyushu quite a few times myself, so he and I talked a lot about Kyushu.

Also, he's studied in San Francisco, USA, and we had a good time talking about travelling.

It was 3:30 in the morning when we called it a day, and he was to go back to Kyushu and back to work the next day!

I drove him to the train station the next day.

He said he'd call us again! Thank you!!

Oh, and he also bought one of the Ioly T-shirts! He said he'd wear it when he goes surfing in Miyazaki! Thanks!!!

お買い上げ頂いたのは白のTシャツでした。The one he bought was a white one.





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