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海苔・ワカメ Seaweed


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 では英会話レッスンを行っていますが、緊急事態宣言下の現在は、オンライン・レッスンのみを行っています。その受講生のうちの一人が、兵庫県在住の大学生さんです。とても明るい方で、来たる誕生日には二十歳になるとのことで、外食する予定だったそうですが、新型コロナウイルスの影響で外食はキャンセルに。お母様からのスパークリングワインをご両親と飲んで祝うそうです。


Guest House Ioly Osaka offers English lessons, but for the time being, our offers limit to the online lessons. One of the students is a college student living in Hyogo. She is really lively and cheerful, and is turning 20 years old very soon. Unfortunately, however, her initial plan to eat out on her birthday had to be called off due to the coronavirus. Instead, she said she will drink sparkling wine that her mother gave her with her parents.

She told me an interesting story in this week's lesson. Apparently she helps her father with his business, which is the seaweed industry! She has cancelled or changed dates of her online lessons a few times in the past when she had to go to work for someone else, but she told me at the end of this week's lesson that her father's business would come to an 'end', so she can take lessons on a regular basis from now on. I asked what the 'end' meant, and she explained that the seaweed industry closes on the 1st of May nationwide, and it reopens on the 1st of September! So while in operation, they continue to work with almost no break, and they're on holiday from May to August!! What a gap!!




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