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海ぶどう!Green caviar!

ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 にこの夏 一週間宿泊された若者が、この冬、戻ってきてくれました!沖縄から来た彼は、実はここ大阪府羽曳野の出身。前回の宿泊時に、なぜ地元に帰省して宿に泊まるのかと聞くと、なんと彼の家は9人兄弟!就職で沖縄に引っ越して、お盆に帰ろうと思ったら、実家にはもう彼が寝るスペースが無いと言われたとのことで、急遽、当館に予約を入れたとのことでした!



A young guy who stayed at Guest House Ioly Osaka for a week this summer came back to stay here again this winter! He lives in and flew from Okinawa, but he's originally from here, Habikino, Osaka. When asked why he came back to his hometown and stayed at the Guest House last time around, he told us that he has eight brothers and sisters! He moved to Okinawa after he got a job there, and when he decided to get back home for the summer holiday, they told him that there was no room for him to sleep in his own house! That was when he made a booking with Guest House Ioly back then.

This time, he was as tanned as we saw him four months ago, and when we said to him 'It must be warm in Okinawa.', he said 'it's 25 degrees Celsius there and it's hot!' I noticed when he was filling out the check-in form that he was 18 years old this summer but now he was 19. Also, he gave us a box of green caviar, one of Okinawa delicacies! It was great! It was cool to enjoy green caviar in the winter! Thank you, mate!





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