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汁なし担々麵のお店 Soupless tantanmen




I went to a shirunashi-tantanmen shop in Hiroshima the other day. It was run by a man and a woman, and they provided the customers with a much better vibe than the shirunashi-tantanmen shop I've been going to for the past few years!

According to the guy's ascending intonation when he said 'Arigatou gozaimasu', or 'Thank you', he sounded like he was from somewhere in Kansai, and he turned out to be one of the Yoshimoto comedians! Apparently, he belongs to the Hiroshima branch of Yoshimoto Group, and runs the tantanmen shop as well. The Wikipedia info told me that he was from Hyogo, but he himself told me that he was actually born and bred in Sakai, Osaka, and eventually he moved to Amagasaki, Hyogo. He's lived in Hiroshima for some ten years now, and before that he lived in the Kanto region, but he admitted he can't get rid of his native Kansai accents. He and I, dining in his restaurant in Hiroshima, had fun talking about Sakai, Habikino, Matsubara and Fujiidera!

If you ever go to Hiroshima, why not give his shop RAKU a try!🍜



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