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柏原市へ A visit to Kashiwara City

ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 がある羽曳野市の隣(の隣?)にある、柏原市を訪れました。小川を泳ぐ大量の鯉が私を見るなり飛び跳ねまくったり、重要文化財の街並みを散策したりした後、ワイナリーを目指して山の手の方へ歩いていきました。




I paid a visit to Kashiwara City, next to, or two cities away from, Habikino City where Guest House Ioly Osaka is. A school of carp started to jump in the stream as soon as they saw me look at them, I strolled on the old street where some of the houses are Important Cultural Properties, and then I walked towards the mountains heading for the winery.

There was a police box at the foot of the mountain, so I popped in and asked how to get to the winery. Then one of the police officers looked it up on his smartphone, and jotted down their phone number and drew a map on a piece of paper for me. I thanked him and left the place, and was walking down the road as instructed when I heard someone running from behind. I turned back, and it was the same police officer. 'It says they're closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.' he said. He came running to me just to tell me that.

'Wanna call them and ask?' he suggested, but in no time, HE called them on his cell. As a result, we found out that their shop is open on Wednesday. I was able to reach the winery and buy the wine at the shop. What was more, the police officer's kindness was really touching. 🍷





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