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庵がYouTubeに‼Ioly is on YouTube!!

以前、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に宿泊された韓国の学生さんが、そのときのことをYouTube動画にして下さいました!







The Korean student, who stayed at Guest House Ioly Osaka before, made a YouTube video clip about his stay in Japan!

I remember he first showed himself at the entrance to Ioly with his smartphone attached to the stick. He asked if he could film the check-in as soon as he came in to the lounge.

In the video, after the scenes where he travels, he finds himself at Eganosho station, from which he walks on the Eganosho main street, and he looks happy to find Guest House Ioly, then he checks in, and then he shows around and talks about the guest rooms, he introduces the Ioly owner to the viewers, then he gets back to the station via the main street before he finally arrives at Koshien stadium, Hyogo.

While he was here, he chatted with a staff member at a local Kushikatsu restaurant and they took some photos together, when the staff guy asked him if he could put the photos up on their SMS. To my surprise, his answer was no, and I couldn't help but ask him why not. His reason was that he didn't want people in Korea to know that he was in Japan, which seemed to reflect the situation between the two countries at the time...

However, the next day I pointed out what seemed to me to be a contradiction; is it not OK for the restaurant to post the photos but is it OK for you to post a video clip on YouTube? Then he said something like he 'made up his mind'.

A few weeks later, he finished editing the video, and posted it on YouTube and sent the link to me! It's over 23 minutes, and it's all Greek to me, I mean, it's all Korean to me, but some of the scenes I mentioned earlier are nice and they make me smile. As of today, it's got over 200 views!! I really hope he plays a role as a bridge between Japan and Korea!





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