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宮大工養成塾 A shrine carpenter apprenticeship


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 の予約の多くは予約サイトを通して行われています。ゲストハウス庵自体のウェブサイトでもネット予約ができるほか、複数の予約サイトにも掲載されていて、お客様が当館に宿泊予約をされた際のお客様の情報量が予約サイトによってまちまちです。チェックインされる日にちしか分からなかったり、到着時間も分ったり、サイトを通してのやり取りしかできなかったり、直接お客様にメールや電話ができたりと、様々です。







At Guest House Ioly Osaka, we get lots of reservations through websites. You can make a booking here on Guest House Ioly's own website, but you can also make one via other websites that deal with reservations. The information about the guests we receive prior to their arrival is, however, quite different from website to website. Some tell us just the dates of their check-in and check-out, and some others tell us the date and the time of their arrival. Some allow us to contact the guest only through their websites, while others allow us to contact them directly to their email addresses or phone numbers.

Sometimes we get reservations under names different from the guests' names. For instance, a wife made a reservation under her name for her husband.

Though very occasionally, some people make reservations for their fellow workers from another company, when we only get to know the name of the person who made the reservation. When this happens, there's no telling that the booking was made for someone else, and we try to welcome the guest by preparing the board that says 'Welcome to Ioly, Mr. bla bla!', only to find it was a mistaken identity!

We had a new booking with two different names again, and this time it's different names with the same surname, so I assumed it must have been a wife and husband. The information reveals one of them is in her 40's, also.

The doorbell rang a bit earlier than the guest's estimated arrival time, and I opened the door to find a young man standing there! I let him in, had him fill out the check-in form, we chatted a bit, and I found out that he was merely 18 years old, just about to graduate from high school, and he's going to a shrine carpentry school when he finishes high school!!

The school is located in Taishi, Minami-Kawachi, Osaka, and they live there and study there for three years as apprenticeship. I might find this young man's name in a shrine somewhere in Japan! This shrine school also offers a half-day carpentry trial, so if you're interested, come stay at Guest House Ioly and go there! We can make a booking for you!⛩





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