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大英博物館で超有名人!Someone REALLYfamous at the British Museum!


「インターネットで見ました」と、英会話レッスンのお問い合わせをいただきました。少し聞いてみると、大阪府堺市にお住まいで、高校二年生の息子さんがすでに英検®二級を持っていて、準一級を数回受験したが合格ラインが見えてこないと。近くの英語教室も探したが英検®準一級を教えてくれるところが見つからなかったとのことで、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 にお電話くださったとのことでした。




I got a phone call from someone saying she found us online, and it was not about the accommodation but the English tutoring. Apparently one of her sons goes to high school and he already has Eiken Grade 2, and although he's taken Eiken Pre1 a couple of times, he never got to pass. They live in Sakai City, Osaka, two cities away from Guest House Ioly, but she was unable to find the right person or school that can teach her son Eiken Pre1, when she found us on the Internet.

The son was in school, but the mother asked to come over to the Guest House with his past Eiken results sheets. When she did, she told me more about her son, and I told her some tips as to work on Eiken exams efficiently.

Our conversation went on, and when I told her that I had studied in England, she told she'd visited England, as well! 'Mad Cow Disease was big at that time!' she explained. That was exactly when I was there!

She told me she visited her friend in London, and during the day she went sightseeing visiting famous spots in London and went out of the city to Oxford. When she went to the British Museum, to her surprise, and to mine now, she saw Takeshi Kitano in the Egyptian Room!! She said he looked bigger than she'd thought, and there was something about him!





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