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堺から来られました!Guests came from Sakai!

堺市からゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に二人組のゲストが来られました!思わず「近いですね!」と言うと、藤井寺のお知り合いのお店に飲みに行くと。飲みに行くし、明日も休みだから泊まろう、ということでした。 そのうちのお一人は、普段からよくホテルだけでなくゲストハウスにも宿泊されるそうで、ゲストハウスだと人とふれあえるのがお好きとのことでした。また、その方の別のお知り合いの方で、某飛行機事故の時の乗客だった方が、年齢を偽って書いて保険が適用されなかったというお話も聞かせてくださいました。そんな話をされながら、ゲストハウス庵のチェックイン・シートに年齢を記入してくださいました。



A couple of guests came over from Sakai to Guest House Ioly Osaka! I couldn't help but say 'That's not too far!' and they told me that they were going to a bar in Fujiidera one of their acquaintances runs. They had decided to stay here overnight since they were going out and they were off work the following day, as well.

One of them told me that she often stays not only at hotels but also at guest houses, and she likes them because she gets to talk to other guests at those places. She also told me a tale about another acquaintance of hers who was injured in an infamous aircraft accident years ago, but she didn't get the full insurance because she had given a false age when she applied for the airplane ticket... The guest told me of this as she filled in the 'age' section of the check-in sheet.

I asked them what the name of the bar was as they were checking out the next day, and looked it up on the Internet to find out it was run by one of the former Kintetsu Buffaloes players! Apparently there's some stuff that belonged to the Buffaloes or Fujiidera Stadium. Give it a try if you're interested!⚾





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