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北の国から From the north country


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に北海道から男性が宿泊されました!




大阪の地元の人たちの雰囲気や街の感じが好きだと言い、転勤の縁があったら大阪に住みたいとおっしゃっていました。しかも、この方、あらゆる食べ物の中で、たこ焼きが一番好きだそうです~!!☺ それなら確かに大阪に移住するべきですね!👍

A man from Hokkaido came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

Apparently, he shares a house with some 20 people in Sapporo, all of whom have been confined in the house due to the coronavirus. He says it's safe to face each other in the house because all of them started staying home at the same time, students and workers alike, Japanese and non-Japanese alike, and he confessed that he was able to remain mentally okay because he was with them instead of being literally isolated from everyone. He said they eat together, as well.

He came all the way from Hokkaido on business, and his workplace over here is in Sakai City, which is two cities away from Guest House Ioly. Sakai is more urban and should have more places to stay. I actually asked him in the course of our conversation: 'Aren't there lots of guest houses and hostels in Sakai?' His answer was a nice one: 'Yes, but this place looked nicer when I browsed online.' ☺

Though he came over for work, he spent some time before and after work visiting places like Otsukayama Kofun close to the GUest House, and Oizumi Ryokuchi Park in Sakai. There are some sheep in the park, but he visited it after dusk and couldn't see them.

He told me that he likes the people of Osaka, the atmosphere of the city and its food. He even said that if he gets to transfer, he wants to move here to Osaka. He said he likes takoyaki better than anything else, so he really should move here!!





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