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兵庫の中国人 A Chinese man from Hyogo


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に、兵庫県在住の中国人男性が宿泊されました。





A Chinese man from Hyogo came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka.

Having stayed with us several times previously, he came over to meet someone who lives near Guest House Ioly again. At check-in, we make photocopies of their passports if the guests came from overseas, and if they are non-Japanese who live in Japan, we ask to see their residence cards. I noticed that when I was making a photocopy of his residence card, it was a new card. It looks like he's renewed his visa!

For some reason, we started to talk about the Guest House's online lessons when he asked what websites or apps we use to teach online. We use Skype, Chatwork, LINE and Facebook video chat, but I assumed Chatwork was a Japanese website, and I tend not to use Skype these days, so I mentioned LINE and Facebook, but it turned out that he didn't use either of them. He looked up LINE on his smartphone, and he found it, only to find that it was not downloadable.

I've heard there are certain apps and websites you can't use in China, but I was surprised to witness the scene where he, living in Japan, couldn't download stuff using wi-fi in Japan. When asked, he told me that he bought his phone in China and brought it to Japan, which must be the reason for what had just happened.

His was an android, but it didn't seem to have the Google search window, either.

I think I just witnessed how original and different Chinese Internet system was...




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