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乗馬クラブ クレイン大阪!A Horseback Riding Club!



乗馬クラブ クレイン大阪!

以前、全国の乗馬クラブ クレインさんの総本山であるクレイン大阪に講習を受けに行くとのきっかけでゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に宿泊された方がおられました。また、全国のクラブ クレインさんの革の馬具を取り扱っておられる革職人夫妻もゲストハウス庵に宿泊されました。そのクレインさんに、あべののモールでお会いできるとは!!






This happened when I went shopping at Abeno, Osaka City. I just got out of a shopping mall to the hall on the way back to the station when I came across a figure of a black horse of the actual size! There was a booth with some posters and a lady next to it, and it appeared to be some advertisement. Some of the posters read 'sayings and phrases referred to horses' and they looked interesting, and what they were really advertising was a horseback riding club!

They're called Club Crane Osaka.

They have branch farms across the nation, but this one in Osaka is the headquarters, and Guest House Ioly Osaka has had some guests going to this institution. I've mentioned this club in the previous blog postings without clarifying the name of the institution, and I was thrilled to bump into them in Abeno! 'You ride horses?' asked the lady, then I told her that I run a Guest House in Habikino, that's where Club Crane is, we're the only accommodation in the area, and some people stay at the Guest House in order to go to Club Crane!

She added that Eganosho is the closest train station to the Club. We exchanged business cards, and when I asked if I can display their leaflets at the Guest House, she not only gave me lots of them, but also gave me this proper box for them. She also offered to display Ioly's leaflets at the Club! Oops, I didn't answer her initial question! So I told her that I'd ridden horses in Sendai and England, and we further talked about how Japan imitated the British traffic rules of driving left, which stems from coaches in the UK. 🐴



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