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プレゼンテーション!A presentation!

南河内トラベラーズ集会なるものに参加してきました!地元の学生と元・学生による企画で、南河内について語ろうというイベントでした。南河内での思い出について語った人もいたり、南河内の魅力再発見を語った人もいて、私の知らない行事や知らないお店も知れてよかったです。また、プレゼンテーションをする側としての参加ではなく、それを見に来られた方々もおられ、その中には新聞社の方や地元の大学の関係者の方、羽曳野市役所の方もおられました!私のプレゼン内容は、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 を通して見た南河内を訪れる人の傾向についてでした。この地域で数少ない宿泊施設のひとつとして、みなさんも興味を持って聞いてくださり、市役所の方とはその後連絡を取らせていただくことにもなりました。地域の方々とのこうした繋がりができるのは非常にありがたいことです。ゲストハウス庵が地域の情報発信・受信の両方の場となればと思います。

I participated in this thing called Minami Kawachi Travellers Assembly. It was run by a grad school student and a university graduate, and it was to discuss this region of Minami Kawachi, or south Kawachi. Some talked about their memories here, some talked about their own discoveries here or what they like about the area, some of which were quite informative. There were also some people who were not there to give presentations, but to listen to other people talk, including a newspaper person, a university staff member, and a City Hall staff member. My talk was about what kinds of people visit this area by the record of those who came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka. As one of the few accommodations in the area, the audience paid great attention to what I had to say, and I ended up exchanging contacts with the man from City Hall. It's great to get to meet people this way, and I really hope Guest House Ioly serves as part of the local community as well as a place to welcome people from outside it.





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