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バイクで西国三十三所巡り Pilgrimage by motorbike




聞いてみると、現在は大阪市内在住だけど出身は宮城県仙台で、大阪に移る前は東京に長いことお住まいだったとのこと。しかし、「都会は好きじゃない」「都会では自分と向き合うことができない」と仰っていました。また、大阪市内からバイクでゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に泊まりに来たのかと不思議に思っていたら、西国三十三所巡りをされている道中で、この日も大阪市から来られたのではありませんでした。兵庫県から大阪入りして、ゲストハウス庵に投宿されて藤井寺の葛井寺にお参りし、チェックアウト後は和歌山県へと旅を続けるとのことでした。西国三十三所巡りで投宿された方は今までも何人かおられましたが、バイクで巡っている方は初めて来られました。今、ちょうど半分ぐらいのお寺をまわってこられたそうです。




One early afternoon, we got a reservation to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka on the day all of a sudden! Well, on-the-day reservations ARE sudden. Business people have made reservations for the day in the past, and they'd check in in the evening, but this guest said he'd arrive here in about an hour! I prepared for him while I still taught quite a few lessons that day.

He was a Japanese guy in his 30's, and he got here in his small but loud motorbike. He was already giving out a friendly vibe when he was checking in saying 'How's the coronavirus treating you?' and 'It's nice and quiet here!'

He lives in Osaka City now but he's originally from Sendai, Miyagi, and he lived in Tokyo for a long time before he moved to Osaka. However, he stated he doesn't like big cities saying you can't really talk to yourself in them.

I was wondering if he came over from Osaka City to stay here at Guest House Ioly by motorbike, which is not too far away, he was actually on the Saikoku Pilgrimage visiting the certain 33 temples in and around the Kansai area, and he came to the Guest House from Hyogo before he moves on to visit the temples in Wakayama. In between Hyogo and Wakayama, he was to visit Fujiidera Temple, which is near the Guest House.

We've had quite a few guests who stayed here for the same purpose, but none of them before him was travelling by motorbike. He said he had visited just about half the temples.

After returning from his visit to Fujiidera, he stayed at the lounge and chatted with the Ioly staff. We had a really good time talking about Buddihsm, the Tohoku region, Osaka, Minami Kawachi, music, Britain, America, and Canada, and so on, and we kept talking till after midnight.

Even so, he said he had to hurry to Wakayama, and checked out at eight in the morning the next day to get back on the road. We said to each other 'See you again!'.

Take care, man!🏍





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