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タコパ Tacopa


ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 の英会話レッスンを受講されている方のひとり、新・小学一年生の男の子のお話です。




'I am ~', 'He is ~', 'She is ~' を使って、「背が高い」「強い」などを表したり、年齢を表したり、職業名を言ったりています!

また、 最近のレッスンでは、'It is a ~' と 'It is an ~' の使い分けを練習しました! そこで、ABCカードの 'octopus' の絵を見せて 'What's this?' 'It's an octopus!' というやり取りができたところで、「○○君は、octopusは好き?」と聞くと、'No!' と返ってきました!




そして、さらに驚いたのが、タコパでは、タコ以外いろんな具を入れるそうです!キムチやチョコレートさえも入れるそうです!もはや「タコ」焼きではないですね!パーティーではあるんでしょうけど。This is what I heard from a six-year-old boy that I teach. He lives not too fare from Guest House Ioly Osaka, and he used to come and take English lessons here at the Guest House, but now he takes our lessons online due to the coronavirus. While he cannot do physical activities like matching cards and cutting and pasting pictures like he did before, he now takes the online lessons at the comfort of being in his own house and he often shows me his works like origami or lego that he made! Last time, he showed me one of his stuffed animals.

When he first started in March, we started by going through each of the English alphabets stroke by stroke, but now he can just write A when I say A, and he can write B when I say B! We're now at the phase where we not only write words but sentences!! These days he's been learning 'I am ~', 'He is ~', 'She is ~' to describe people's appearances, ages, and occupations.

Also, we recently practised differentiating 'It is a ~' and 'It is an ~', when I showed him the 'octopus' card from the English alphabet cards, asking 'What's this?' and he was able to say 'It's an octopus!'. Then I asked the boy 'Do you like octopi? and to my surprise, his answer was 'No!'

This came to me as a surprise just because he was an Osaka boy, and Osaka is famous for its takoyaki, or octopus balls! So I further asked him if he liked tako-yaki. He said he liked takoyaki without the octopus in it! I totally understand; I had the same liking until quite recently. However, the real surprise was yet to come.

He and his father told me the myth is true that each Osaka family has their own takoyaki maker, and when they make takoyaki at home, they call it a takopa, short for 'takoyaki party', even when there's no-one other than the family joining the 'party'.

The biggest surprise, though, was that they put in lots of different ingredients other than octopi, such as kimchi and chocolate!! It's not 'tako' yaki any more!! It must be a party, though...





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