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羽曳野・陵南・恵我 Habikino, Ryonan, and Ega


前回のブログ記事で、3つの候補の中から「羽曳野」という市名が選ばれたと書きました。羽曳野という名前はヤマトタケルノミコトの伝説から来た歴史的な名前ですが、他の二つの候補はと言いますと、一つは「陵南(りょうなん)」、そしてもう一つは我らが「恵我(えが)」でした。「陵南」の「陵」は元来「みささぎ」とも読み、天皇の墓を意味します。ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 近辺の古墳の碑にも「~陵」の字を見ることができます。「陵南」の「南」がどの「陵」の南を指すのかは分かりませんが、古墳が多いこの地域にふさわしい名前であると言えます。また、ゲストハウス庵の近くでは「陵南の森公民館」や「陵南の森図書館」があり、百舌鳥古墳群のある大阪府堺市には、「陵南中学校」があります。同じ名前の中学校が他の県にもいくつかあるようですが、これらの地域も古墳に関係があるのでしょうか。それともバスケに関係があるのでしょうか。



In the last blog posting, I wrote that the name of this city, Habikino, was chosen from among three nominees. Habikino is a historical name coming from the myth related to Yamatotakerunomikoto, but the other two names are 'Ryonan' and 'Ega'.

The kanji letter for 'Ryo' in 'Ryonan' means emperors' tombs, and the kofun near Guest House Ioly Osaka indeed have this letter inscribed on their epitaphs together with the emperors' names. 'Nan' in 'Ryonan' means south, but I'm not really sure what it refers to by this direction, or which kofun it refers to. Near the Guest House, there are a public hall and library with the name 'Ryonan', and in Sakai City, which has the Mozu Kofun Group, there is a junior high school with the same name. It looks like there are some more junior high schools with the same name in other prefectures, but I wonder if they also have something to do with kofun at all.

On the other hand, the name 'Ega' can be found in the area name 'Eganosho', which is where Guest House Ioly is, and there is Ega Minami elementary school in the north of the Guest House and Ega elementary school farther up north, both of which are in Matsubara City. Apparently, the area these schools are located in used to be called Ega mura, or Ega village. Taking that into account, Matsubara City seems to deserve the name Ega more than Habikino does.

Also, the former Ega mura is now divided into part of Yao City and part of Matsubara City, both of which still have areas with the same name Wakabayashi in the north and south of the Yamato river respectively.

写真は八尾空港のヘリです。普段は古墳遊覧飛行もあり、ゲストハウス庵からの送迎もいたしております。The picture is a helicopter in Yao Airport, who offers flights over the kofun. Pick-up from Guest House Ioly is also available.





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