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徳島県阿波市から養蜂農家の男性がゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に来られました!大阪でのお仕事のあと、和歌山に行かれる途中に当館に投宿された方で、養蜂に関するお話をいろいろ聞かせてくださいました!お仕事中、やはり、蜂に刺されるそうです…。そして、刺されることに慣れるそうです。しかもこの方、養蜂のお勉強のために海外の養蜂農家にホームステイにも行かれていて、フランスやロシアでの滞在経験の持ち主!ロシアの養蜂技術やハチミツの質はいいのに、賃金や値段が安くてもったいないと言われていました。



A beekeeper came to Guest House Ioly Osaka from Awa, Tokushima. He checked in here after he did some business in Osaka, he was to move on to Wakayama the following day. He told me a lot about beekeeping; he said he gets stung a lot, and he said you get used to it! He also went abroad to places like France and Russia to stay with host families who are beekeepers. He said it was such a shame that the beekeeping skills and the quality of the honey in Russia are good, but the wages and the prices are really low.

Also, he lives in Tokushima now, but he's originally from Kumamoto, and is from a town of Mashiki, where the 2016 earthquakes hit the worst. And to my surprise, his family runs a shinto shrine! He told me that their shrine is older that Kumamoto castle, and after the earthquakes partially damaged the building, he took initiative and began crowdfunding to repair it! He drove back to Guest House Ioly from the nearby car park after he checked out, and he gave me a jar of honey that he made. Thank you!! If you like honey, give his a try!



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