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ところ変われば Cultural differences

ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 では、チェックイン時にゲストのみなさんにフォームにお名前などを記入していただき、それをあとでパソコンに記録しています。







At Guest House Ioly Osaka, guests are asked to fill out the check-in form on arrival, and we file the details on the computer later. We ask each family member to fill out the form, except for infants, when we have families checking in.

We have foreign family guests from time to time, and when I look at their names written on the forms, I get to glimpse some cultural differences.

For instance, a Thai guest explained this to me before, but people of Thailand have nicknames other than their real names. He booked a room with us online with his real name, but later he contacted us using his nickname, so I assumed it was an inquiry from a completely new prospective guest.

Also, this this happened with both the Thais and Koreans, but the families came in, they filled out the forms, and when I looked at them later, one person in the family has a different surname! Yes, they do that. From a Japanese point of view, it looks 'different', but it's definitely not the global standard to take husband's name when you get married. You keep your mother's surname and father's in Spanish speaking countries, as well.

It's really interesting to know the difference between cultures, but we encounter differences between each individual when we sometimes have trouble making out what they hand-wrote. At one time someone was writing some numbers when he drew two small circles upright. It turned out that it was his own way of writing the figure of eight!😲



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